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Wind Power The Future Of Energy

Wind power is a particularly worthwhile option for the United States because of the healthy amount of wind you can find in the middle of North America. (Who would have thought all of those biting winter winds could be a good thing?) Thanks to the topography of the continent, the Texas panhandle experiences some of the strongest, most valuable wind speeds around. 

Wind farms are large tracts of land dotted with a network of turbines. These wind farms are much better to look at than coal-burning power plants and are a big part of the future of cleaner, renewable energy for homes and industry. Communities, at times, have objected to the presence of these traditional energy plants. As suburbs continue to sprawl, wind farms will prove to be better neighbors than the plants most of us get our energy from today. After all, they don’t belch greenhouse gases into the sky or contaminate the local groundwater. 

The future of energy also requires that everyone pitch in. Large wind farms will be an important part of this plan, but individual wind turbines will also grow in popularity. These roof-mounted turbines can supplement the electricity provided by your utility company. The excess power generated by an individual turbine can even be sold back to the energy company, further easing the strain of those household energy bills.

Transportation is a big contributor to our current energy problems. After all, we all need to get where we are going and Americans love their cars. Electric and hybrid automobiles command an ever larger market share because they require no fossil fuels and do not emit greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, plug-in cars would be charged by existing power plants, and these do add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Wind farms will eliminate carbon dioxide and other gases from the equation.

The United States Department of Energy and the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) have helped to lay the groundwork for a future powered by wind. Even though wind power has only been in use for the past couple of decades, capacity has grown exponentially and will only continue to spike. In 1999, Texas only had the ability to generate 180 Megawatts of wind power. By 2007, Texas led the country in capacity, with 4,296 Megawatts. (Over the same time frame, the United States went from a total of 2,500 Megawatts of wind power capacity to 16,596 Megawatts.) 

Indeed, there are some drawbacks to wind power. It costs a lot of money to build wind farms, and the technology is not yet fully developed. These negatives, however, are actually good things. This kind of construction provides good, honest jobs that can’t be outsourced. Putting the infrastructure in place will keep Americans employed on these wind farms and in the factories that make the turbines. The research and development that will lead to the next generation of equipment and distribution is also a big positive for the economy. Once scientists in the university and in the private sectors have optimized our use of wind power, consumers will power their homes with clean and reasonably priced electricity.

It’s never easy to switch from one way of doing things to another. People get used to doing things and don’t want to face the challenge that change represents. Thankfully, there is opportunity to be found. In switching to a future powered by wind (and other renewable energies), the United States will continue to lead the way in energy efficiency and combat climate change.

By: Mel Joelle

Sabtu, 21 Februari 2009

Learn to Build Your Own External Hard Drive Enclosure

By Jack Liu

An enclosure which is used to house a hard disk externally, adding storage and flexibility to any system is called Hard drive. The Computer is connected by the enclosure through a universal serial bus (USB) or Fire wire port, making it a plug-and-play device. When the system is up and running it can be turned Off and On. Providing portability between desktop and laptop, or home and office and also a hard drive enclosure can be used for many purposes.

A trivial conversion is carrying signal between different connector types. Retransmit data over connector and signal of a different standard is so complicated as to require a separate embedded system. Disk enclosures is surrounded by external DVD-ROM drives, factory assembled external hard disk drives and others.

Security is one of the main advantages to use an external hard drive enclosure. Online threats including viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware, Hacking, Poorly written software and hateful script is the major concern for many people. Some threats can expose data to outside sources, while others corrupt it.

The following are external enclosures that can turn an internal IDE hard drive into an external one. Hard drives are sold separately or as options. External Enclosures are the best way to get an External USB 2.0 or IEEE1394 (Fire wire) Hard Drive. A drive and enclosure together typically cost much less than a pre-made external hard drive!

On an external hard drive installing financial data or sensitive programs can stay safe. If the user is not accessing the programs or data, then hard drive enclosure can be left off. External hard drive is one way to keep key information or software private from the family members who shares the computer.

For storing system back ups or Ghost images of the main hard disk an external hard drive is the perfect one. If the main drive fails, the ghost image on the external drive can re-create the main disk in mere minutes. Alternately, popular software like Acronis True Image will make a bootable carbon copy of the main disk on the external disk. In this case, the external disk can be removed from the enclosure and installed into the system for an instant fix. It is also possible to boot directly from the hard drive enclosure by using settings in the motherboard's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) menu.

Memory-intensive libraries of music, movie, and graphic files using an external hard drive enclosure frees up on-board system resources for ripping, burning and downloading, while protecting libraries from online threats. Moving these libraries to an external drive also greatly reduces maintenance time for system tasks like file defragmentation, spyware sweeping and checking the virus...

We can use a hard drive enclosure to reuse "smaller" hard disks that have been replaced by newer, larger capacity drives. For example, as prices have dropped many people have replaced 30, 40 and 60-gigabyte (GB) drives with 250 GB drives or better. Installed in an external hard drive enclosure, older drives become quite useful for archiving.

We can rely on portable and external hard drives to hold our critical data. For many, changing a hard drive inside a computer is just not an option. So, they turn to external hard drive enclosures with built in high-capacity hard drives as the answer. But, with today easy to assemble modular hard drive enclosures, many built it themselves. The hard driver enclosures themselves come in plastic and aluminum hard drive enclosures, in a variety of styles and colors for every taste and use.

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